We work with discharge planners to facilitate the discharge process. This will include home visits to assess the home environment is suitable for your childs needs.

If additional equipment is needed we can arrange for an Occupational Therapist and or Physiotherapist to do an assessment and present a case for necessary changes to the relevant agency.

We ensure all orders and equipment have been coordinated in order that the transistion from hospital to home is as stress free as possible.

We will liase with other agencies for example your local NHS Trust, Social Care, Education Authority and hospital staff.

We are proactive in keeping doctors, discharge planners, and commisioners informed of changes in client’s condition.

Our specialized and dedicated staff and supervisors are familiar with the stresses associated with bringing home a medically complex child.

We know the importance of maintaining children at home, allowing them to thrive and remain out of the hospital.

We are experienced at collaborating with schools to ensure regular attendance by medically complex children through the aid of an accompanying carer or nurse.

Your care package is devised with you in partnership with experienced carers and qualified nurses. This package is evaluated continually to ensure we are still meeting the needs of your child.